Save yourself effort and time, let us do your laundry.

Tired of doing laundry?

Whether you don't have the time, find it physically taxing, or it's simply the last thing you want to do in your time off- We get it.

You have better things to do.

Here at Laundry Place, we help everyone from busy families and individuals to hotels, massage or physical therapists, nursing homes, and Airbnb hosts to get their time back while enjoying the comfort of fresh & folded laundry delivered right to your door.

Our laundry services can accommodate sheets, towels, uniforms, etc. with your detergent of choice, no matter whether it's one load or fifty.

Laundry done in 3 easy steps

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Sit Back & Relax


Have more free time, "me time", or family time while you enjoy your fresh, clean laundry.



Why We Care

As a single dad of 3 and a long time business owner, I know how precious time is and how overwhelming life can get when you're not in control of it.

Whether it's helping parents spend more time with their kids, giving busy professionals more space to enjoy their lives, aiding those that might not be able to do their laundry themselves, or helping businesses to run more efficiently, it's my passion to save you time and energy by enjoying our full service laundry.

If you have ever wanted more free time, "me time", or family time, then we are here for you- Try our laundry service below.

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